Our Technology

With our Research and Development department,
we improved our business to the next level

  • TasBlock brings a new unique composite material solution for green building industry's need for sustainable materials.
  • Our patented materials provides stronger, lighter, more resistant and healtier living areas.
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Composite Technology has been accepted by aerospace, construction and other industries , TasBlock innovates a interlock system for the manufacturing of composite buildings, which offers to architects and construction industry limitless design.

Our Features

  • TasBlock Composite Materials have more durability compare to existing construction materials as concrete, steel, wood... Offers good corrosion resistance than metal and concrete.
  • Lighter than concrete, steel, aluminium and bricks, which offers low transportation cost and minimum heavy equipments during installation. Low weight allows floor space adding
  • Easy to install with lower costs and offers high thermal insulation.
  • TasBlock offers more flexible building designs and complex shape designs compare to traditional concrete technolgy.

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